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Программное обеспечение для автоматизированных систем Accu-Sort

FAST Enterprise™

FAST Enterprise is a software tool that provides quick, easy access to critical operational data from automated materials handling systems anywhere a network connection is available. FAST Enterprise is the first user friendly web-based product that allows users to view operating information about their print and apply, sortation and production systems from anywhere in the world, so they can make informed decisions on how to improve efficiency and throughput.

FAST Comm®

FASTComm™ automation software is a comprehensive data management and system maintenance tool that allows operators to configure, monitor and maintain database, reporting and other processing activities. It can be combined with other Accu-Sort FAST tools to integrate data management into material handling systems for labeling, sortation, shipping, tote routing and other functions. Key features include OBDC connectivity for reading directly from the Accu-Sort or remote customer database, TCP/IP file transfer protocol (FTP) provisions for both client to remote server and server to remote client, datastream protocols and RS232/422 serial data exchange.


FASTCount™ automation software is a production counting system that allows users to easily capture, store and report activities from multiple lines. Designed for productivity monitoring, multi-line reporting, product verification, shift reporting and production data archiving, it can maintain up to 31 days of accurate statistics on product throughput, allowing on-demand or scheduled production reporting. FAST Count can run on a single PC or Accu-Sort industrial control module for multiple-line data collection and reporting. Production data are saved by date, shift, line and product code. FAST Count can be configured to generate standard reports, including line production, product, and shift production totals, as well as custom reports.

FAST Label®

FAST Label barcode automation software is a complete system of barcode scanners, positioning sensors, printer applicators and Windows® software for automated labeling, verification and package distribution processes. It runs on a Windows-based PC and offers flexibility and ease of configuration for all print-and-apply parameters. User configuration capabilities include package tracking values, conveyor hardware interface setup, user security, product data tables, diagnostic information and request generation. The package also includes integration with WYSIWYG label design software for customization and addition of up to 50 label formats. Automated object measurement is an optional feature.

FAST Monitor™

FAST Monitor is a browser-based application that gives facility managers and maintenance personnel the ability to monitor Accu-Sort products anywhere in the world using a simple Internet connection. The easy-to-use FAST Monitor interface provides automatic status and error-condition alerts along with statistical performance data for all connected Accu-Sort products and systems.

Why patrol your facility checking for errors and looking for breakdowns when you can get all the real-time diagnostics you need right at your desktop? FAST Monitor shows you exactly what’s happening on your facility floor. It gives you constant performance data for each scanning tunnel or array, and will even show you exactly how each individual component is performing. FAST Monitor’s real time and historical reporting give you an eagle eye view of your facility’s auto-ID systems. With that information, maintenance managers can dispatch personnel to the exact problem area to resolve component failures or to prevent future disruptions. When a scanning line goes down, it costs you in time, money and aggravation. Used effectively, FAST Monitor gives you back the control you need to stay up and running.

FAST Sort®

FASTSort™ is a comprehensive solution for automated sortation control, including configurable software for I/O and device controls, sortation tracking and acknowledgement and performance diagnostics. It provides high-speed sortation control, including scan, track, sort, confirm, report and statistics features. It resides seamlessly on new or existing conveyor systems, and software can be customized to meet specific requirements. FAST Sort also integrates with Accu-Sort's small-item sortation system, a fully automated, small-footprint sorting machine for use in entertainment, pharmaceutical, photo processing, printing/publishing and other industries.

FAST Weigh™

FAST Weigh provides a centralized control and repository to manage your weight capture and labeling requirements. A single Master Product table, is drawn upon for Net and Tare weight control and maintenance as well as serialization of cartons. A touch screen user interface makes it easy to operate the Static Scailing station. Programmable ‘HOT KEYS’ make it easy to select and switch products. Visual indicators on screen provide instant accept/reject feedback to the operator. With an in-motion weighing station, cartons are conveyed to the system and scanned and weighed without operator intervention. The system performs look-ups to determine label format, target net weight, Tare weights, as well as all product date coding. Labels are automatically printed and applied and then verified. Verification confirms that the label is readable and that the carton is labeled correctly.

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